Sunday, 1 March 2015

OUGD406 Research Into Typography Book Covers (Studio Brief Two)

As the book I am going to redesign is about typography, I think it would be relevant for me to look at typography on book covers, as I don't think it's effective for me to use an illustration as the book is only about type. I found a blog post on Creative Bloq that analysises 10 effective book covers using solely typography. The blog post can be found HERE.

This book cover was designed by David Pearson for the book 'No Country for Old Men' by Cormac McCarthy. I think the design is really effective as it uses a old style slab serif typeface that gives the book a look of letterpress printing. I think the colours also look very western which works for the book.

This book cover was designed by John Gray. He uses hand drawn typography which I think is really effective and eyecatching. I think the colours used are simplistic, however make the type look really bold and important.

This book cover was designed by Jason Booher and Helen Yentus for the book 'The Way Through Doors' by Jesse Ball. The book is about a patients attempt to remember the truth after a car accident, and I think the use of type on this book cover creates a level of confusion and struggle, which definitely echoes the struggles of the book.

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