Friday, 20 March 2015

OUGD406 Leeds Indie Food Festival (Studio Brief Three)

The Hungry Sandwich Club gave us a presentation about their progression since graduating from LCA. It gave me a really good idea of the importance of networking and exploring gallery spaces and studios available locally in Leeds. We were introduced to a live brief in which we were asked to design a map for Leeds Indie Food Fest. We had to create a trail to show the cycle route from different places in Leeds. We decided as a group that we were going to use Gill Sans Light through-out the design, and using numbers to represent the various stops on the route. We worked well and produced some great work as a group. It was a really useful opportunity to develop group work skills and also to experiment with different design.

I found the project really difficult, however I was really happy with the final outcome and the grid used really helped.

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