Monday, 30 March 2015

OUGD406 Final Pitch (Studio Brief Three)

This is the final presentation that we are going to pitch to Simon and a few Level 5 students. Below is the speech that I have prepared for myself, as we have all divided the slides up evenly between us all. 


Our logo was based around the idea of lines representing the four sides of a screen printing screen. We thought the idea of using lines in a sort of movement would show the screen printing process, as you have to drag the squigy back and forth to create a print. We also thought that the deconstruction of the word 'print' using lines would represent the two colour separating process, as we had to split our book covers into two different colours for a successful print. We used a sans serif typeface as we think it is very contemporary, which is relevant as we all created new book covers to replace existing book covers. We think this logo (and pattern) is successful as it works in an array of colour schemes, and it was also useful for creating a pattern across all of our designs, which in turn helped keep everyone's exhibition branding consistent. We also created a typeface using this deconstructed type which we ended up finding very useful on our name card designs.


Our initial idea for the name cards was to have them look almost like a book cover design in themselves. We decided to keep our design portrait instead of landscape for this reason. Our name cards use the repeated logo pattern to keep inline with the overall exhibition identity. We have decided that the name cards would be printed around the size of A6, and we plan to spray mount them to foam board for a professional feel, and then attach them to the wall using double sided magic tape.

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