Sunday, 8 March 2015

OUGD404 Book Binding Workshop (Study Task Four)

Study task four was to learn 3 binding methods. This binding method was called a concertina fold book with a hardback cover. I think this method is really nice however I know from using concertina books before that they are quite annoying to use when there are too many pages.

The next binding method was called a Japanese stitch bind, which I thouht was really beautiful, however quite unconventional as the whole book doesn't open out properly, so for this reason I don't think it'd be very useful to make my own book using this stitch.

The last binding method we created was a saddle stitch. It was the easiest stitch to do and looked very neat and tidy. This is probably the stitch that I will use for my book, or maybe an open spine bind.

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