Sunday, 8 March 2015

OUGD406 Final Crit (Studio Brief Two)

In the final crit, people thought that my idea was really successful, and also conceptual as one of the letter 'O's is in the typeface Helvetica and the other was in Arial, showing the elements of type - it's very relevant to the context of the book.

People also said that they liked the colours used on screen, however they didn't think it would look too great once screen printed. I asked them which colours they think that I should use and they suggested blue and yellow as when they are overlayed they will make green. I think this is a good idea as realistically I will only have to change one colour and I think it'll look good.

Simon suggested that I should print my 2 colour seperated designs out on A3 paper, and also that I should screen print onto A3 paper so that the design won't have a border, as my design has a full bleed. I will take note of this when I come to screen printing the design.

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