Monday, 30 March 2015

OUGD406 Initial Ideas (Studio Brief Three)

We decided as a group that our content should look similar. We decided to all stick to the font 'Typo Grotesk' as it will be a constant within all of our work. We also decided that the little pattern/distorted 'print' should be a constant as well, as it's our sort of logo for our exhibition. We took photographs whilst people screenprinted so we could document some of the process and get some images to use. Although personally, I think this design looks quite childish.

I then experimented with type and colour. I think this idea could be successful if the 3D print was constant across everyones designs.

I then simplified my design. I think this could definitely work for the name card designs as it's legible and easy to read. I don't think the designs should be over-complicated, as in most exhibitions they are usually just typography.

I then experimented with the title. I don't think this is successful as I had to use lowercase instead of uppercase for it to fit properly, and therefore won't look like everyone elses designs.

I then experimented with the progression of the building up of layers of the title. I think this could definitely be effective as it shows the process of layering up different colours whilst screenprinting.

I then used the original design and took away the image in the background. I think the simplicity is definitely effective and it's quite a modern design as there is a lot of negative space.

I then simplified it even more, and personally I think this is the most effective design as it's legible and informative.

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