Sunday, 1 March 2015

OUGD406 Research, Anthony Rocco Sclavi (Studio Brief Two)

Whilst looking online for design firms that solely design book covers, I came across a man called Anthony Rocco Sclavi who's website can be found HERE. He primarily focuses on book cover designs and I think his designs are really effective and relevant to the books. Below is one of his designs for a book called 'Too Old to Die Young'. I think the design is really effective as it's quite a depressing title however the imagery and colours contradict this, which I think would be for a reason. He also typesets each book that he does, which can also be seen below. I think the type he used for the title is very playful.

Another book design he has created is for the book 'For Every Season' by Linda Steidel. I don't particularly like this design as I think it doesn't stand out from any design of a cook book. I also really don't like the layout used inside the book as it looks very cramped and as though he didn't think about negative spacing. However, I think the type he used really works as it seems very traditional and cook books generally are traditional old family recipes.

This is his design for a book entitled 'The Hipsters' by Tim McAtee. I think the abstract design for the book cover is very relevant and fits the essence of the book perfectly. I think that fact he has only used lowercase type is also effective as the type he has used is Helvetica, and hipsters generally prefer sans serif fonts to serif fonts. It also makes it seem a bit different as it is in lowercase, something that hipsters strive for - difference.

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