Tuesday, 3 March 2015

OUGD406 Interim Crit (Studio Brief Two)

In the interim crit, we sat with some second years and they helped us by telling us which would be appropriate for screen printing and how to improve the general design. I found this really helpful as I've never done screen printing before and although I have a vague idea, they have had more experience and told me which ones they thought would look successful. 

In the crit, people said that the first design (orange, white and black) reminds them of the classic penguin books. I thought this was true, and I don't think this idea would be successful as it's really simple and quite boring. 

They said that the fourth (orange, teal and grey) would work in screen printing and it reminds them of Swiss graphics. I think this would be effective for my book as it is quite a modernist perspective in the book.

They said that the idea of overlayed lettering is effective and will look great when screen printed. They also suggested that I should try the word 'type' across the front and back of the covers when I get around to designing the spine and back cover. 

As I didn't really have a colour scheme, the second years suggested that I should experiment with two different colours whilst screen printing and see which is the most effective.

They also suggested that I should try Helvetica and Arial on top of each other to show the different elements of type. I think this is a really good idea and I am going to experiment with this. They also suggested that I should experiment with opacity by using emulsion when I am actually screenprinting for different effects.

From the group crit, people generally said that they prefer design number 4 and I should experiment with that more. For this reason, I am going to create the spine and back cover in the style of this design.

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