Sunday, 8 March 2015

OUGD406 Screen Printed Book Cover (Studio Brief Two)

I arrived at screen printing at 9:30am and was told to go and print out my two colour seperations (I had already done this but accidentally left them at college). These are my two colour seperations below.

Whilst the seperations were being put on the screens, we were told to mix two colours that we wanted to use for our screen prints. Me and Izzie decided to share our blue colour as it would save on costs. We decided to use quite a dark blue so that it would contrast a lot with the lighter stock, as mostly we both had quite light stock. Izzie used the colour orange as well, which originally I was going to do, so before I made another colour I tested what orange and blue would look like overlayed. The test is below. I don't think it's a very nice colour as it's dark and almost looks brown. I then made some yellow paint which I tested as well, and I think it looks a lot more successful than the orange and blue.

I then waited to start screen printing. It took quite a while to start as my screen was the last to be developed. Here are some photos I took whilst I waited.

I then screen printed my own designs - I forgot to take photos of this process, but here are my final prints drying. I found the process quite tedious however I think the results are really nice. I experimented on a lot of different stock colours.

These are my final prints on different stock. Below is my favourite outcome, which is one a white stock. I think the thickness of the stock really helped with this design as the paint didn't leave wrinkles, however Simon said that it is rare to have a white book cover as books are meant to be handled and it would get dirty very quickly.

This stock was a kind of light orange / mango kind of colour. I think it's successful, however the full design doesn't show up too well. I like this fact, however it's not relevant for the project.

The next design was on a cream coloured stock. This outcome wasn't successful as the paint didn't full go through the screen in certain places and it has left the colour of the stock in some parts. I think the actually stock used works, however, as it looks like it is a kind of off-white.

I think this stock was really successful, and it was the colour I orignally had in mind of using as I think it works really well with both of the coloured paints and it's really contrasting.

This stock colour was unsuccessful as the paint hardly shows up on it as it was too dark, so for this reason I think it is unsuccessful.

I think this stock works really successfully as you can see the design and the yellow stock still contrasts with the yellow paint.

Overall, I think my screen prints are really successful. I am unsure which stock colour I prefer and for this reason I am going to ask for the opinions of other people from the three below and I will rely on them to choose my final print.

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