Tuesday, 3 March 2015

OUGD406 Digital Ideas (Studio Brief Two)

As I have now planned out my ideas, I am going to create them digitally and refine them. Below is my first design for a layout. I think it looks quite nice, however it's really simplistic and I want my cover to have a bit more meaning than just a title.

This is my second idea. It's pretty similar to the first, however I have experimented with the title so that it could look really interesting when screen printed. I don't particularly think this idea is the best, however I will ask for opinions in my next group crit.

The next idea is based on the word elements and shows a second element of type below the original. I think it shows that there are deeper meanings and a lot of thought that goes into typography.

The next I tried to rearrange the layout of my type and also experiment with the screen printing overlay. I don't think the use of colour is successful, however I think that the layout could have potential.

The next I think is my most successful layout yet. I think the colour scheme from the previous poster is very successful in this poster and I think the use of negative space works very effectively. 

I then created one more layout. I think this is my favourite so far as it looks very modern and I think it will look really interesting when screen printed. I will need to experiment with colours, however, as the overlayed paint might look a disgusting colour.

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