Sunday, 8 March 2015

OUGD406 Tower Works Leeds Rebrand, Study Task One (Studio Brief Three)

For this study task, we were asked to get together in our group and rebrand the company 'Tower Works', which is 3 buildings in Leeds for creative office space. The original logo can be seen below. I don't think it's very effective for the company as the illustration doesn't work at every scale, however the type they used is nice as it is stretched out and shows the essence of the towers.

We decided as a group to use a similar typeface, as we thought it looked modern. We considered if we wanted to focus on the history of the buildings or the current contemporary design. We decided to go with contemporary as the building is no longer used for the historic purposes, and we thought that people interested in renting an office wouldn't care too much for it either. 

We created a mind map of some things we thought were relevant that could help us when designing the logo. We considered different typefaces and different colour schemes, and also wrote down what we liked about the current logo and how to improve it. 

We started designing our new logo by each team member creating 5 different design thumbnails. These are mine above. I created them in black and white as a successful logo will be recognisable in black and white as well as colour, such as the McDonald's logo or Coca-Cola.

This was the design we decided to go for. It is based on the idea of the tower block, however it isn't too obvious. It's quite a modern design as the inside of the offices seem to be quite modern, light and airy places. We decided to use the colour orange/red to relate back to the history of the building very subtly, as the building was made using red brick.

We then started designing business cards for Tower Works. We came up with the idea of creating a stretched out business card to symbolise the towers themselves. We also decided, as the building is for creatives, we would change the direction of the type to make the business card interactive and interesting to look at. We then made a mock up of what these business cards would look like. 


We then designed some simple stickers that would be sent out in a welcome pack to the person renting the space. We also created and designed a box in which everything would come.

Finally, we created a sign to show what the logo would look like in real life. Below is our presentation pitch that we presented to the class of our designs and ideas.

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