Saturday, 17 January 2015

OUGD405 Research Into Logo Design (Studio Brief Four)

I decided I should look into some logo designs so that I could get an idea of what kind of logo I want to create for my app. I found this design on tumblr and I think it's incredibly slick and relevant. I particularly enjoy the sharpness of the ends of the letters, I think it adds something really special to the logo design. The designers page can be found HERE.

This is a design for a personal branding project. I think it's really slick and I really like the fact it's incredibly minimal. I also really like the fact that the logo is displayed with a background and I think the colour scheme works really well.

I then went onto designinspiration and found this logo design that I think is really nice. It is for a company called catch 5 and I think the logo is incredibly relevant to the brand. I think I should try to make my logo in a similar way - in that the logo tries to explain the brand meaning as well.

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