Saturday, 17 January 2015

OUGD405 Communicate (Studio Brief Four)

For this brief, we have been told to identify a problem for my individual research and then provide a solution to it through the identification and packaging of a product. The brief says that I must resolve the problem in an engaging and interesting way to a specific target audience. The brief is quite vague so for that reason we have to create our own brief that is specific to our project.

Studio Brief

Alcohol causes many problems in many peoples lives, from hangovers, to comas, even to death. It also can cause money problems within families as people can become alcoholics. For this brief, you must identify a problem that alcohol causes and solve the said problem. You must provide the answer through the identification, branding and packaging of a product. You should focus on a specific target audience for this product and this should inform your design process and decisions.

Background / Considerations
  • Look into problems caused by alcohol
  • Ask students what problems they have with alcohol
  • Consider target audience
  • What are peoples opinions on alcohol?
Mandatory Requirements

Produce a body of work appropriate for your chosen solution. Put your design development on your blog.

  • Create a series of blog posts documenting your design process
  • Create a two minute presentation that clearly outlines your resolution 

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