Saturday, 17 January 2015

OUGD405 Logo Development (Studio Brief Three)

I started developing logo designs in Illustrator as I had an idea of how I wanted my logo to look. This was the general idea I had for my logo. I wanted my logo to be relevant to the purpose of the app, so for this reason I looked into what icons are assosciated with drinking alcohol and also with photography. For photography, I found these really helpful as it gave me some basic shapes that I could work with.

I also looked into what comes up when you search alcohol on Google. The images below came up. I think it would be really effective if I had a cocktail as my logo, as the glass is really noticable and original, whereas there are lots of things that come in bottles. I noticed that the colour orange came up a lot, so for this reason I am going to make my app orange.

I want my logo to be very minimal, as I feel like most of the social networking apps that are out there at the moment are simplistic. These are the three logo ideas I came up with. Personally, I think the last design is the most effective, as the first is too much for the eye to handle and the second seems very enclosed and I want it to be quite free and have a lot of negative space.

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