Sunday, 18 January 2015

OUGD405 Evaluation

I really enjoyed this module as I feel like I really pushed myself to learn lots of new skills, and I feel as though I was challenged on every single brief which I think is really good as I had to overcome each challenge and in doing so I definitely developed lots of skills and my understanding of how to think of better concepts. I think my conceptual thinking has definitely improved and I think that's a really great thing, as graphic design only works if there is a strong concept or underlying meaning behind the design.

A particular brief that I enjoyed was definitely the first brief, in which we had to design 3 photo frame backing papers. I think it definitely challenged me and I had the opportunity to experiment with Photoshop in great detail. I think I taught myself a lot with this brief, as I played around with Photoshop for hours trying to get the perfect colour scheme that I wanted. I think it was also really good that I managed to document this on my blog as there was a lot of work that went into creating each layer and choosing the perfect colours.

I also really enjoyed the final brief, that was to identify a problem that is caused by your focus of research and create packaging that would resolve this said problem. I liked this brief as alcohol causes an awful lot of problems and I had to really sift through them all to find the perfect problem to try to solve. I think my outcomes were successful although some people disagreed. I think it's a good thing that people disagreed, however, because it just made me more conscious to note why I did everything the way that I did on my blog.

I think through-out the module I was successful with time-management and I finished everything I had to do in time for every group critique, even when I was struggling to come up with a specific concept, it was good that I had lots of ideas as people in my group critique helped me and also gave me lots more ideas. I think it was also good that (mostly) I kept on top of blogging and on top of concept boards, as I didn't have lots of work to do just before submission.

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