Saturday, 31 January 2015

OUGD404 Hot Dog Fold, Study Task Two (Studio Brief Two)

For this task, we have been asked to go home and create an instruction book to creating a specific book, however create the actual book using the instructions. I decided as I am new to this I will create a hotdog booklet. I started my creation process by creating one by hand so that I knew how to lay out all of my context. It ended up looking like this.

I then started creating it using Photoshop. I came up with a simple grid so that the bleed of my type wouldn't run over.

I then added my type onto it. I kept within the grid so that when I print it it will all fit together really well. 

I then added illustrations to it to make it a little more interesting, but also a lot easier to follow. I created these illustrations using Adobe Illustrator.

I then printed it and followed the instructions to create it! This is the final product. I think it's really successful and really useful, so for this reason I am going to keep it. I don't think this would be a very useful idea for my final book design for this project as it isn't bound and I would be very limited to how many pages I could use.

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