Saturday, 17 January 2015

OUGD405 Relevant Logo Research (Studio Brief Four)

I decided that I should look at some logos that already exist to do with alcohol to get an idea of how companies that try to solve problems to do with alcohol do it. I found this website called Talk To Frank that aims to advice people with drug and alcohol problems with advice and information. It's a good website as it doesn't bang on about not doing them, it just tells you what could happen to you if you do. I think the logo is quite effective, I remember seeing the advert on television when I was little and thought it was really clever. I also think it's good that the logo includes the phone number and website, as it's a very important website and company.

I then looked at the Drink Aware logo. I don't particularly like it as I think it's too simplistic and it's quite boring to look at, however it is also effective as it gives direct access to the website. 

Seen as I am going to create a kind of social media app, I am going to look into some social media logos that exist at the moment. Below is the logo for a new app called YikYak. Personally, I don't like the logo at all. I think it's too complex for a logo and there are too many colours, however it's kind of good at the same time as most app logos are very similar - they generally are a coloured background and then a white logo over the top. Although this is good as well, as they all seem to work and are successful logo designs.

 I also looked at the Vine logo. I think it is really successful as it's simplistic, and I think that simple logos are really effective and noticable - this is proven with lots of logo designs.

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