Saturday, 17 January 2015

OUGD405 App Development (Studio Brief Four)

I have decided I should get to work on my app development. I know that I want to have a loading page that's really simplistic with just my logo and maybe a coloured background. This is the design I came up with. I think it's really slick and definitely effective. I also think the colour works really well as it reminds me of beer or cider, as the white contrasts with the orange, similar to the froth on a beer.

I then decided I should create a login page. I think this is also really effective as it's simple and reminds me of social networking logins. I think the use of grey definitely works for the design, so for that reason I will use this for the rest of the app flats I create.

I then created a profile for the person using the app. I decided it should definitely have a photostream similar to the style of instagram, and it should also be easy to share the photographs with other social networking apps. This is the design I came up with. I think it's quite effective as I had the idea that you could personalise the profile so it is relevant to the user, such as having a profile picture and changing the display image. 

I then needed to create an app flat to show how you would actually get to the camera option and other settings. This can be seen below. It's very simple, however it works as it's very similar to the menu bar on the app VSCO, the app I took my inspiration from.

Then all I had to do was create the page that you would have the options for taking photographs on. It was very simple to do - I used the same kind of style that the actual Apple camera uses, in the way that when you have a menu up the background sort of looks frosted and blurred. I think it's really successful and I think it's good that I included the option for a customised time.

In the group crit, people said that the app is really nicely designed, however they don't think it is very obvious that it's aimed at students. They also said that there is kind of a mixed message as the profile page is quite humourous whereas the login and other pages aren't. I think, however, that it is quite obvious, it just depends how the person would decide to set up their profile. 

I have now created a page where you can see all of the application pages together, with a couple of sentences about how the app would work and function.

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