Saturday, 17 January 2015

OUGD405 Edible Type (Christmas Brief)

For this brief, we have been asked to create edible typography. We can work in teams, so me and Izzie decided to go together. We had quite a lot of ideas, these are listed below.
  • Meringue Pro
  • Fruitura
  • Thymes New Roman
  • Biscuitville
  • Didotto
  • Silomi
  • Helvetikka
We decided to go with Helvetikka, and decided we would make naan bread into Helvetica and then also make a curry from scratch to go with it. I think it was a really successful project, however as we made the naan bread the night before it was rock solid in the morning. However, the curry was really good and really hot, and the naan bread was when we originally made it as we added chilli seeds into it.

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