Monday, 26 January 2015

OUGD404 What is a book? & Folding, Study Task Two (Studio Brief Two)

We were all asked to bring in three books each and to discuss them with our group. Cameron brought in this example that he thought could be classed as a book as it's a scratch map that you scratch when you have visited certain countries. Personally, I wouldn't consider this a book as it has no folds or binding.

This is another example that we looked at. It's called a hotdog fold. It's really cheap and easy to make as it's only made out of one piece of paper which can be seen in the photo below.

I brought in this little booklet that I found in the SU. It is folded and staple bound, so for this reason it can be classed as a book. 

This is another book that I brought in. It's a VICE magazine and it has a perfect bound.

Charlotte brought in her Kindle. I personally don't class this as a book, it's an electronic book, however times are changing and in the future I guess it could be classed as a book, although personally I don't consider it one as it's not a physical copy and you can't physically feel it.

This is a newspaper and I think it does class as a book even though it isn't bound. I think this because it's folded and physical and you can read it just as you would a book.

This is a book that Izzie brought in. It's a ring bound notebook. Although it's not folded, it is still classed as a book as it is bound.

As a group, we were then asked to create a book using only folds. This is Izzie's response, which we then made as a group on a bigger scale. Although it's not a very conventional book, it is very interesting to handle and for this reason I think it's a success.

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