Saturday, 17 January 2015

OUGD405 Research Into App Design (Studio Brief Four)

To begin my research, I started by looking into app designs that already exist. This is one that I found on designspiration. I think that the design is incredibly slick and i love the fact that the app is gold, it adds an element of class. I think the simplicity of the design could definitely work in my favour if I design my app to be similar to a social media app. It could even be a social media app, these apps generally seem to be quite successful and there are always new ones coming out, such as the latest craze 'YikYak' where you post anonmyous thoughts.

I then found this app design on designinspiration. I think it's also really nice and slick, and I particularly like the use of the colour purple, as you don't see any apps at the moment that have that kind of colourscheme, it's usually blues and greens.

I think this app design is also really effective. I think the way the app is displayed on the board is also really effective, as it doesn't narrow down the application to just one type of phone, it could be any phone.

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