Saturday, 29 November 2014

OUGD405 Research (Studio Brief One)

I decided I was going to base my backing paper on dreams. To get an idea of the dreams that people have, I asked my flatmates what the weirdest dream they ever had was. These are below.

"I was on a caravan park, I knew it was a caravan park, however there was only one caravan that was very derelict and decayed. The whole ground was covered in holes, about the size of bowling balls and I had to tread really carefully to avoid getting my leg stuck. For some reason I knew I had to get to the lonesome caravan. I got to the door and knocked and stepped back as the caravan door opened outwards. The door swung open and there stood bugs bunny, however he was rabid and terrifying. He said that he needs to rip out my heart to bury it in the ground, unless I take a bag full of hearts and dry them out in the back of my car. The next thing I remember is driving down the road with the back shelf of the car completely full of human hearts. Then I wake up. It's a recurring dream that I've had since I was six years old and I have no idea what it means." - Hayley

"I was with my dad and it was back when he used to smoke, and he was smoking and accidentally burnt a bit of his face. A couple of days later he took me to some kind of floating cabin on the water in Jamaica and we went inside and in the lighting in the cabin, you could see that the burn on his face had gone white and his eyes had turned red, and he was trying to kill me with a knife. He was trying to kill me and I was shouting 'please don't kill me, dad!' and then I woke up. The dream also happened another time with another person that I knew who smoked." - Chay

"I had a dream that I worked in a corner shop and then the shop turned into a department store and I was chatting to a complaining customer and my supervisor started crying and he was like a small child. Another time I dreamt I was in the TV show crystal maze, which was pretty cool. And another time I had a dream I was being attacked by an eagle, and it wasn't just an eagle it was like a heron sized eagle, but for some reason I wasn't running away from it." - Florence

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