Sunday, 16 November 2014

OUGD403 Evaluation

I’ve really enjoyed this module as I have learnt multiple new skills, such as Indesign, and I have also developed my skills in certain areas, such as drawing and also Illustrator. A particular brief I thoroughly enjoyed was alphabet soup as I really love thinking conceptually and I think this is a particular strength of mine. I tried to stay away from the obvious choices for the word ‘mature’, such as mature cheese, as I thought this would, excuse the pun, be really cheesy, and I wanted my typeface to be legible. For this reason I created a letterform based around development, which I think worked really successfully. I also really enjoyed the Delivery brief, in which we had to make three posters, as I enjoy poster design and this brief also allowed me to think conceptually. I was also really happy with the three final posters that I produced, as I think they work as a series even though they all have a different message. 

I think through-out the module, I was really successful with time management, as I finished all of my briefs in time for each critique. A weakness of mine was definitely keeping up to date with my blog, as I didn’t at first and it took me quite a while to catch up. I plan to keep on top of it in the next module. I found this module quite challenging as there was quite a lot of information to process, however I will be more prepared next module as I have an idea of the work load now. I found it really interesting learning about artists that I hadn't heard of before, and I found the briefings really useful as Simon went into detail about some of the artists and their particular styles, such as Shepard Fairey.

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