Tuesday, 11 November 2014

OUGD404 Negative Space

Negative space within graphic design is most commonly seen within logo design, for example the FedEx logo has an arrow in the negative space between the letter 'E' and 'X'.

We were told to choose a word at random and have a go at creating our own design. I originally started by creating artwork based around the word 'rain'. I started by putting the letter 'r' into a raindrop. I think this looks quite effective, however it's very simplistic.

I then tried to create rain drops around the letter 'r'. I think this was really poor and it was quite hard to do. I decided I was going to rethink my word choice as I was struggling quite a bit.

I decided I would use the word 'snail'. I came up with this through a random word generator. I started by writing out the word and trying to put an illustration on of a snail on one of the letters.

I then decided that I would play around with the 'S' as it looks a similar shape to the shell of a snail. These experiments can be seen below. I think they look quite nice, however they weren't really what I was going for.

I then decided to play around with the letterforms in the word some more. 

This is the final design that I came up with. I think it's the most effective as it's simplistic and I can simplify it even more through Adobe Illustrator.

This is the final design that I came up with. I think it's effective because it's really simple.

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