Tuesday, 11 November 2014

OUGD403 Final Typeface (Studio Brief Two)

To develop my type, I used Illustrator and edited the original font ‘Futura’. These are my final typefaces that I created. I think they’re really successful as they all look like they fit together as a typeface. 

I found quite a couple of the letters particularly challenging to recreate on Illustrator, particularly the ones that have a curved stroke, such as the P’s and the O’s. However, with trial and error I eventually came to an outcome that I was happy with. I struggled with these particular letters as the curves were quite hard to recreate so they look smooth again, especially using anchor points. However, in the workshop with James, I asked how to make these smoother, and he showed me a way in which I use the original counter from the font ‘Futura’, and position it in its new place, and then work around the counter so it fits together again, but in the new position. I think this definitely helped me, especially seen as I wasn’t relying on just looking to create a perfect curve.

Another letterform I struggled with was the letter ‘I’, as it only has one stroke, so I had to think of a new way to keep the same rules, however only using one line. I thought about this for quite some time, and decided it definitely still needed to progress as the letter went on, otherwise it wouldn’t portrey the word ‘mature’. For this reason, I decided I would introduce a diagonal stroke that progressed as the letter went on. This can also be seen in most letters that don’t have 4 distinguished strokes, such as the ‘Z’, the ‘T’ and the ‘A’.

I also created numbers and punctuation in the same style, as I thought it would give me a bigger body of work, and also make my typeface complete.

I am now going to create a poster in the same style to show the type is legible and readable. This should be quite easy to do, as I want to keep the layout pretty basic to show maturity. To do this, I am just going to use a phrase that I hear a lot of 'mature' people say.

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