Friday, 14 November 2014

OUGD403 Final Crit (Studio Brief Four)

In the final crit, I presented my three final posters to the group. Overall, people said that the colour scheme definitely works, a lot better than the original red and black theme I was going to go with. They also gave me some suggestions of how to improve the posters if I had more time, for example the Type and Image poster could be edited very subtly just so it had the two planes instead of the stars, and there wasn't necessarily a need for "bullshit" within the poster, however if I did this it wouldn't be a type and image poster. They also discussed with me whether they thought the type on the bottom of the image poster was necessary, and I said that I think it was as it broke up the image and made it a poster, whereas before it looked more like an illustration. I chose to use Helvetica for each poster as it apparently doesn't give off a specific message or theme, and I think it worked for each poster as it kept a constant within the series. Overall, I am really happy with my posters and the development behind them, as you can almost see my thought process as I was trying to think very conceptually.

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