Tuesday, 18 November 2014

OUGD404 Icons, Symbols and Logos

We were given a talk from John about icons  and symbols and we were split into groups and asked to redesign the fire exit sign, that is world known and incredibly recognisable. My group began by deciding which colour we would want our sign to be. We think that the dark green colour that is used is very ugly and we wanted our sign to be aesthetically pleasing, so we decided to change the colour to a turquoise/teal kind of colour. We decided this as the colour red means danger, however the fire exit shows safety, so therefore it is the opposite. We started thinking about the conotations behind the colour blue, and it generally means cold or cool. I think that is the perfect message for a fire exit, as it'd be away from the heat.

This is our final design for our exit sign. I think it's really successful as the colours are really striking against each other, however I don't think it'd work in anywhere other than English speaking countries, as it wouldn't be worth risking people not understanding where the fire exit was. This is generally why symbols are used, because of language barriers.

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