Thursday, 13 November 2014

OUGD403 Poster Development, Type Only (Studio Brief Four)

I decided I would jump right into using Illustrator to create my posters, as I thought this way I would be able to create better quality, and slick posters. This was the first poster that I designed, which was based on being open-minded about who was behind the 9/11 disaster. I think it works, however it is incredibly simplistic and I think too simplistic. I changed the U so that it would look slightly like The Twin Towers, however I don't think it works too well as the message isn't too clear.

I then designed this poster, that was supposed to have the same message. I think this works quite well, as it isn't about trusting the government, just about having your own opinion and doing research on them opinions. I think this was a lot more successful as the message was a lot clearer and the poster also had a reason - which was to buy Russell Brand's new book "Revolution".

I thought it might be effective if I added a quote from Russell Brand himself. I got this quite from the interview on Newsnight. I think this poster could definitely work, however right now seems a little basic - however I think it is definitely high impact and makes you question your opinions and loyalties.

As this poster was working, I decided I would add a reason for the poster, which was again to buy Russell Brand's "Revolution" book. I also added two strokes of red across the poster, as I thought this would represent the falling of the Twin Towers and show the reason why he made the point about trusting the government and the media. I think this definitely works, and it also looks vaguely like the English flag, which shows that you should not only question the American government, but your own government. 

I then looked into the quote from Russell Brand a bit more, and decided I would focus more on The Twin Towers and the reason he made the point. I thought the vague illustration of the twin towers worked well for the previous poster, so I decided (as this is a type only poster) I would edit a letter in the quote to look like the Twin Towers. I think this was definitely my most successful poster as the message of the poster is very clear.
To make this part of a series, I decided it would be most effective if all my posters followed the same colour scheme. So for this reason, I changed the colours of the previous poster colours to the colours of the American Flag, which again will just make the message of the poster even more obvious. I think this was really successful and I am proud of the way it has turned out.

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