Thursday, 13 November 2014

OUGD403 Poster Development, Type and Image (Studio Brief Four)

For this poster, I knew I was going to stick with the same colour scheme as the previous poster, as the link between them all would be more apparent. This was one of the posters that I designed, based on remembering The Twin Towers and how they are a very important piece of history that should never be forgotten. This specific poster was based on the against side, where the people don't believe in the governments involvement in the disaster, and care more about remembering the people who lost their lives. I think this poster could have been effective, however posters like this already exist and look better than my design, as they aren't limited to 2 colours.

This is another poster that I designed. I think this poster works really well, and is also for the same reason as the above. I think the simplicity of the poster works really well and is very relevant to the message of the poster. Again, however, it is quite simple.

Instead, I decided for the type and image poster, I would use the message that the government were behind the collapse of the Twin Towers, as I thought I would really struggle to create a poster based on this without using both type and image. I think this poster is really good as it sticks to the colour scheme and works really well. I thought the message could be a little clearer, so I changed 2 of the stars in the flag to planes and made it really subtley look like they were flying into the Twin Towers - something you would only really notice if you studied the poster closely, as I didn't want to offend people viewing the poster too much.

As this didn't really look like a final poster, I decided I would add a website to the bottom as it would look more like a finished outcome. This is the final poster design, which I'm really happy with.

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