Tuesday, 11 November 2014

OUGD403 Final Crit Feedback (Studio Brief Two)

In the final crit, we were in a big group and showed everyone our final letterforms. I didn't get much feedback, however mainly people agreed and said the grid wouldn't be very useful or easy to use. People also said that they think I chose the right kind of layout to display my type, as they thought it would've looked quite overcrowded if I had made it more complex. I decided my font would be called Matura, as it was based on the word mature using the font Futura, so I thought it was quite an effective name, and people in the group crit seemed to really like the name.

If I had more time for this project, I really would've liked to use the software that creates it into an actual typeface, as I have never done this before and it would be a whole new learning experience, however probably very complicated to do.

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