Sunday, 2 November 2014

OUGD404 Colour Theory / Colour Science

In design skills this week, we looked at colour theory/colour science, and how there are a lot of different colours within the colour spectrum, for example, in the colour yellow there is canary yellow and ocre. In my group, we had to bring in 5 different yellow objects. I brought in a rubber glove, lighter, a food clip, a straw and a chocolate wrapper. We then had to organise them from dark to light colours. Our groups can be seen below.

We were then told to put it in order of warm to cold, which was pretty much the exact same line, which was interesting as I didn't really know you could get warm yellows and cold yellows. We then went to look at the other groups lines, and moved the objects that we thought were in the wrong order. This was the other groups after alterations.

We then took an item of yellow each and went to the blue group and ordered our yellow objects where we thought they fit on the scale. This can be seen below. 

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