Thursday, 13 November 2014

OUGD403 Poster Development, Image Only (Studio Brief Four)

For the final poster, I had originally started trying to design posters based on the conspiracy theory, however I was really struggling as the posters really lacked typography and explanation - the message wasn't too easy to understand and they weren't aesthetically pleasing. This is one of the posters that I originally designed. I think the message is clear, however there was far too much negative space to be an effective poster design, and it looked quite empty. I think the concept behind the poster was really successful though.

This was an idea that I had that was based on the government not being involved in the disaster, however more on the rememberance. I think this poster could definitely work, however it is very simplistic and after research, I have found out that it has been done quite a few times before.

This is my next poster design, based again on remembering the disaster. I think this design is very slick, simplistic and successful, so will be my final idea. However, the message of the poster isn't too clear, so I am going to add some very small type at the bottom for a website that can be found HERE. I think this will be okay as it just gives some further information about the meaning of the poster.

This is my final design with the type added. I think it definitely needed it, and it also makes it look more like a poster than the previous. I think it's good as it links to a website that is all about remembering those who lost their life in the disaster, instead of being just an illustration.

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