Thursday, 18 February 2016

OUGD505 Licence to Print Money - Feedback (Studio Brief One)

For this interim critique, I decided the best way to get feedback would be to take the two designs that I like the most, and then ask some questions about them. To display the work, I decided to make a quick presentation. This can be seen below.

These are the questions posed and the comments that I received:

1. Which design do you prefer?
- The first, because it's illustrated child friendly
- 2, because I prefer the minimal feel, however I do like the first and there is a good focus on negative space.
- also 1, same as above.
- ^ same as first comment, I would suggest using colour - maybe do a three/four colour screen print
- 1, but change the type so it matches the style of illustration.

2. What colours would you suggest using?

- Maybe pastel colours? would be calm & friendly
- As it's typically british, maybe british colours? red, white & blue.
- Agreed ^
- I'd say try a range? maybe use a gradient or something

3. I plan to screen print - maybe two or three colours. Do you think I should use any other printing techniques?

- You could experiment with a few, but I don't think it would necessarily need it.
- A three colour screen print sounds perfect for this - any more would maybe overcomplicate the design.
- No, screen print would be enough
- Depends on the back if you are creating two sides - both would have to fit well together & use same printing methods.

From this group critique, I think the best colour scheme to use would be red, blue, white and black, as these are typically British colours as they are the colours of the Union Jack flag. I will also go with the illustrated design, as I agree that it is more child friendly and approachable. Finally, I am going to do a three colour screen print, meaning I have the opportunity to experiment with different coloured stocks, however I think the best design will be on white stock as it will be more clear.

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