Thursday, 18 February 2016

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice, Desperados - Relevant Poster Research (Studio Brief Two)

I have now decided to look at some events posters that could be more helpful when designing my own. This particular poster is for a camp fair, and it's incredibly successful. Its information is spread out nicely and there isn't too much - just what it is, the times, place and date. Also the background of the poster is really aesthetically pleasing - it looks like it's made out of paper. It's very intricate. 

This is a poster design for a club night. I think it's actually very relevant for my project, as it has a huge focus on light - similar to mine. The poster is spaced out really successfully and it's very colourful, therefore it would grab peoples attention. Colour will definitely have to be a focus of my own posters. I also really like the way all of the information is central, as it's a lot of information but it's spread out so it's not harsh or boring to look at.

This is another poster design that I found. In my opinion, it's incredibly unsuccessful; there is FAR too much type used, nobody would read it unless you're very interested in the event. The actual background of the poster makes the event seen really interesting, however it's taken away from with the pure volume of text. 

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