Tuesday, 9 February 2016

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice, Desperados - Colour Scheme (Studio Brief Two)

Before designing the website, I thought it would be important to discuss with my partners certain things that should be constant through-out the whole project.

We knew that we would be using neon colours, as it would be a glow in the dark event, so I decided to make this colour chart of the colours we should limit ourselves to. I experimented with a range of different CMYK colours, however I think all of these were far too dark to get the party atmosphere across.

In the end, I used CMYK colours, as this means that they would be able to print out successfully. Over all of these colours, we would use glow in the dark ink so that the whole design would be glow in the dark - however this isn't relevant for my own practice at the moment, as the website wouldn't need to glow in the dark.

I also took it upon myself to choose a typeface. The closest typeface to the Desperados typeface I could find is a font I found on DaFont called BlackHawk. I recommended to everyone that this should be used as the title font for certain things, but NEVER for body copy, as it is a display typeface and is definitely not legible. I recommended using the typeface Helvetica for the body copy, as its very legible and works very successfully with BlackHawk.

For the name of our event, we decided to call it Desperados Fuego, as Fuego means fire in Mexican, and therefore it symbolises the fact that the event and packaging of the bottles will be bright. It also symbolises the burn of tequila.

Dan had the idea of creating Fuego using free hand, so I decided to help him with this. These are the logo designs that I created. The first type design was far too fancy to match with the brand. I originally did this as I thought it would make the typeface fun, however I'd say it made it look very feminine and not relevant.

I then tried to create a typeface that was quite sharp to represent the flames and fire of the tequila. This was what I came up with. I don't think it is successful, as it looks a lot like graffiti which isn't relevant to the project at all.

I then tried to be even sharper with my letterforms. This was definitely getting a lot more successful, as it is the same style of typeface that is used on Desperados' current advertisements and posters.

This was my final attempt at creating a typeface in that style. It looked a lot less geometric and more rough than the previous, which myself and Dan both thought was very successful. This is the type that we chose to use. 

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