Wednesday, 17 February 2016

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice, Desperados - Poster Research (Studio Brief Two)

I am now going to do some research into poster designs. I don't often make posters, so in this research I am mainly focusing on what information is included on posters, and also the general layout. This particular poster below is incredibly successful. It uses sideways type to really engage with the viewer and make the poster interactive. The information and type also fits with the background image of the poster, as the image slightly overlaps certain parts of the text. It's an event poster, so this is something that I will have to consider - the dates, where etc. As I don't know this information, I will just make up some fake dates and places so that I can get a feel of how it would look.

This is another poster that I found. It's for a graphic design student show. I'm not a huge fan of this particular poster design as the information is quite boring to look at and no dates stand out to me. I do, however, think the background image is successful, therefore I will need a strong background image for my own poster design. The type is all left aligned at the bottom, which is something I may consider with my own poster design, as the type on my website is left-aligned. 

This is another poster design I found. This poster is very vector based. It's simple, yet to the point - there is a limited amount of text and colour used. This would make the poster very cheap to reproduce, although I am guessing that this poster would be a screen print. Looking at all three of these posters, I think it's key that there is a limited amount of text on the poster, and that the image is really striking to draw attention from the audience.

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