Thursday, 4 February 2016

OUGD505 Licence to Print Money - Concept (Studio Brief One)

I have two main concepts for this brief. These are:

1. Create a guide to living in the UK through a bank note. For example, for tourists and migrants, it will be a how to UK guide, such as 'always use your manners' or 'always queue, never push' etc. These are key things that aren't exactly typically British, however they are things that British people get very annoyed at when tourists and people from outside the UK visit Britain.

2. 4 colour screen print the images taken of the migrant crisis in order to shock the British public. In the same way that graphic photographs are used on cigarette packets to try and deter smokers from carrying on and encourage quitting, the images would be bold and shocking in order to try and get the public to sympathise and empathise with the migrants and offer to help out more than we do already.

Personally, I believe that the second idea will be more appropriate, as it will be easier to get the message across, especially seen as bank notes generally celebrate a country and don't point out that countries mistakes and insecurities. Also, putting people from the migrant crisis on a bank note might make racist people even more racist, as they would have a reason to say that they are 'changing the country'. For this reason, I am definitely going to take forward the first idea and develop this concept further through illustration.

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