Wednesday, 10 February 2016

OUGD505 Licence to Print Money - Design Development (Studio Brief One)

Firstly, I decided to try out creating a very minimal banknote design based on the idea of British people's etiquette and the fact that British people really hate it when tourists don't understand the concept of queueing. This was represented by circles in a line, getting smaller as they went into the distance. This was a very subtle design, as the design could have the aspect of being subtle as it wouldn't be wise to emphasise the fact that the banknotes are designed for the sole purpose of migrants as there are a lot of racist people about these days.

This design was based on the same concept, however it is more of a complex design, as the circles all overlap and intertwine, showing the fact that queueing happens all over the country and is important to all members of Britain. This idea wasn't as successful as the first design, as the concept was less obvious and it wasn't as clear.

The next approach I had was to make the design a lot more illustrated. I came about this idea, as it would be a lot more approachable and relatable if the imagery was illustrated and had the essence of welcoming. I think this idea was very successful, as it didn't just apply to migrants coming into the country and tourists, but also to children. The fact that it is so relatable makes the concept strong and also very informed. 

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