Monday, 1 February 2016

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Brompton Bikes - Research - Paper Cutting / Stop Motion (Studio Brief One)

I think the idea that I will be able to execute the most successfully will be paper cutting, as I don't have a Brompton Bike myself, and I don't know how to use any animation software well enough to create an animation. As my idea will be paper cut, this means I will need to create a stop motion video. This shouldn't be too difficult a task, as I have created stop motion movies before and I know my way around my camera to work well with the lighting and such.

Before I begin, I think it will be useful to look at some animations created with paper.

I found this below video on Youtube. The paper cutting is beautifully crafted, however the actual filming of the video could've been done more successfully. This could be done solely by using a better quality camera, or by using better lighting - this could be a false claim, however, as in the past I have found that Youtube generally knocks a lot of quality out of a video in the uploading process.

I also found this stop motion on Youtube. I think this one is executed very well. The video is very engaging and interesting, as there is a clear concept - the dog misses his owner while she's away. To make a successful video, I will have to have a strong concept. I think this animation also works as the colours are very bright - I will have to purchase some bright coloured paper to make the video stand out and be engaging. 

This video isn't made out of paper, however it is truly incredible. Just by the introduction to the video, you can tell just how much work goes into stop motion and animation. Although it's not completely relevant to my own process, I think this video is definitely inspiring and is something I would love to create in the future. It also proves that it's not all about the main character in stop motions and animations, the background and foreground has to be considered too - which is something I will take note of and hopefully portray in my own stop motion.

This is a tutorial I found on Youtube by Brandon Ray from Paper Brain Productions. I found this tutorial really interesting as it lists key necessities when creating stop motion paper cut animations. 

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