Friday, 12 February 2016

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice, Desperados - Website Development (Studio Brief Two)

This is the website featuring a still from the video that Gavin sent to me. I thought it looked really good, however unfortunately the video wasn't inclusive of the colour scheme that we had arranged, and it really stumped me how to get around that factor. 

I decided I would experiment without the video as the home page, as it didn't really work with the layout of the website, and also the video definitely needs sound to have the same effect, which I don't particularly want on my website, as I find it very annoying when a website has sound as most of the time I will be listening to music or watching a movie while online, I won't just be sat in silence. I definitely preferred this design; it has a focus on negative space, it stands out and shows the concept of our event - that it glows in the dark. It also shows the name of the event. 

I created this gif to show how the homepage would work with just the logo and not the video, I actually thought this was a lot more successful as it featured the colour scheme more and I think the simpler the home page is the better, as it gives the event more of a mysterious aspect. 


I decided before I carry on designing, it would be best to ask the opinions of my partners. They said they definitely agreed with me on the fact I shouldn't use the video as it doesn't fit too well, and that the video could just be used to advertise the event on tvs in city centres / on television in general.

I decided it would be a good idea changing the colour of the background on each page, as this would make the colour scheme more inclusive, and also make the project as a whole more consistent.

This is the navigation page that I created. I think it's successful as it follows the same colour scheme and the same focus on negative space as the home page. It also stands out from the homepage, so you know for a fact that you're on a different page. I think that will be key for the navigation of the site.

I then decided to create the page that would check the users age, as this is important as this website will be 18+ in the UK. It follows the same style, however uses a purple background instead - therefore, it is again obviously a different page.

I then created the About page. I wrote a short description, as we still haven't actually written a description of what the event will be. I wrote:

'Desperados Fuego is a number of events across the whole country. With newly designed packaging, Desperados Fuego adds the heat back into Tequila Flavoured Beer. The events across the country will be for students and young adults aged 18-24, and will celebrate passion.' 

I chose to use the colour yellow for this particular page, as I believe it to be a very happy, exciting and inviting colour, as this is the part of the website that will introduce the idea of the event and the concept. 

I then created the events page. I kept this design really simple as I wasn't sure where the events would be held or basically any of the details - as obviously it's a hypothetical event. I decided it would be easiest to create a page that links to both the Facebook and Twitter of the event, and the page would be edited once the dates and venues were announced.

I then created the page for the contact page. It is crucial that this website has a contact page, as I'm sure a lot of people will want to get in contact about release dates of the tickets, where it would be held and other general information. 

I have yet to create a page for the exclusive bottle, as I still haven't received the final packaging for the bottle, and I pretty much need it to work out placement of the bottle / what the actual page will include. I will edit this blogpost when I am sent the final design and create an exclusive bottle for this particular design.


Dan has now sent me the design of the bottle. It's incredibly colourful, so for this reason I am going to leave the background of this particular page white. The bottle will be the main focus of this page. This is a design I created. I simply put the design on the page. After some consideration, I thought I should include a freebie option, as the page looked very boring and empty. 

This is the next design. I think it's a lot more successful and relevant, and it would also get a lot of traffic to the website as it would be giving away a small freebie of the bottle - I know from the past that Desperados do give out free small tasters, as I once got one when I was visiting Liverpool. 

Now that I have been sent the packaging design, however, I am going to go back over these designs and experiment with incorporating the pattern into the website. 

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