Monday, 29 February 2016

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Brompton Bikes - Paper Cut Leeds (Studio Brief One)

I started by drawing out each building I was going to cut out onto different coloured paper. The colour of stock chosen wasn't necessarily relative to the building, the main reason I chose unrealistic colours was the fact that if the buildings weren't in bright colours, the stop motion would be quite boring to watch, as there would be close to no colours used. This is the drawing from Parkinson Steps. I drew it out very roughly as I knew I could easily correct the small errors when actually cutting out the shapes. 

I decided against using a ruler to cut out all the buildings, as I thought the rough styled cuttings would give the designs some character and originality, which I was right about as it made the cut outs look quirky and interesting. This is the building once cut out. This whole process took me around 2-3 hours including breaks, so it will be quite time consuming to create the rest of the buildings as well. I don't think it necessarily should've taken this long, however I kept needing to give my hand a break as my thumb and forefinger kept getting really numb and painful due to the pressure needed to slice through the paper. 

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