Wednesday, 3 February 2016

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice, Desperados - Relevant Website Research (Studio Brief Two)

I then thought it would be beneficial to look at some websites of alcohol companies. Firstly, I decided to look at Heineken, as Heineken own Desperados. This is the corporate website for Heineken, and you can definitely tell. It's very professional and easy to navigate, but rather boring - which can be understood, as it isn't advertising the beer, it is simply a website for corporate.

This is the website for the actual beer. It's coded very well when you open up the page, as the navigation bar pops up, and also the main image is a video that advertises the product, production and past further. This isn't something that my website will really need, it will more need an advertisement that promotes the product and event. The navigation of the website is very easy - it is spaced out very well and each link is clear.

I then decided to look at drinks that are generally only drank in clubs. I thought this would be helpful, as they generally promote parties. Below is the website for WKD. It's very simple, although it has a cool feature in which you can customise your own page - this is an awesome, however quite odd as I can't imagine people will visit the website very often. The navigation of the website is simple, it only has the navigation bar at the top and the button in the middle of the screen. It's key to note that they probably don't need many more links than this, as I doubt anyone would be interested in anything else on the website.

I carried on looking at the alcopop theme and came across the website for VKs. The website is very well designed and definitely promotes parties - even the tagline of the website is 'Mix up your VKend', which is very relevant as there are so many different flavours.

It's important to note that all of these websites promote the consumption of alcohol, and therefore they all have a page before you can access the website that checks the ID of the user by asking for their date of birth. This is something I will DEFINITELY have to create for my own website.

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