Thursday, 24 December 2015

OUGD504 SONY Music / Only Studio Briefing (Studio Brief Four)

The Brief:

Today, Only Studio came into uni and gave us our next brief. The brief is to create an immersive and engaging website to support the release of your favourite band or artist's latest album. The business objective of this brief is to increase sales or presales of the album to ensure chart success. The role of the communications is to deliver a world class digital experience that gets both fans and media excited about the upcoming album release and achieve cut through in a crowded digital age. The market place objective is to get fans of your chosen artist to pre-order the album and get involved in the campaign through sharing content with their network by creating a world class digital platform that encourages fans to engage with the campaign at every available opportunity.

Things to be considered:

A global campaign - the band artist has five ket markets (Australia, USA, UK, Germany and France)
Promote activation points - promote key 'activation' points (shows, signings, appearances etc)
Use mixed media, such as image, audio and video to communicate your message.

This is a campaign website, therefore it will be live for four to six weeks ahead of the album launch and approximately four weeks afterwards.


Low-fidelity wireframes in an option format design of a desktop and mobile version of your idea.

Grids download: 

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