Tuesday, 29 December 2015

OUGD504 Introduction into User Experience (Studio Brief Four)

What is user experience?

The overall experience of a person using a product, for example an app, in terms of how easy & pleasing it is to use.

Where has UX come from? A brief history.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci's Kitchen nightmare (circa 1430)
  • Taylorism & Fordism (early 1900s)
  • Toyota - humanising systems (1948)
  • Dreyfuss' Designing for people (1955)
  • Disney and the role of joy (1966)
  • PARC & the design of personal computers (1970s)
  • Don Normal: The First UX Professional (1995)
  • The iPhone (2007)

So, What us UX?

  • Research and testing
  • Behavioural psychology
  • Date analysis
  • Persona development
  • Product design
  • Requirement gathering
  • Information architecture
  • Nomenclature
  • Copy writing
  • Tone of voice
  • Problem exploration
  • Solution discovery
  • Prototyping
  • Interaction design
  • Interface design
  • responsive
  • Performance
  • Visual Design
  • Brand
  • Marketing and comms
  • Customer service
  • Design culture

What is a 'user' anyway?

  • Consumers
  • Customers
  • Audience
  • Person
  • Human

Online is no longer a destination.

  • On and offline experiences are increasingly converging.
  • The rise of digital native.
  • Good user experience is a baseline - what else?

How to include audience?

Step 1: Identify your users.
Step 2: Challenge assumptions.
Step 3: Include your users.

Name: Alba

Demographic Information:
Age: 19
From: Manchester, UK
Marital Status: Single
Family Arrangement: Student, living away from home
Job: Art Student & part time bar staff

Creative, Social drinker, smoker, very specific music taste, social media user.

Needs &  Goals:
Connection with artist, local gigs (small venues), competitions, affordable merch.

Name: Connor

Demographic Information: 
Age: 21
From: Sheffield, UK
Marital Status: Single
Family Arrangement: Student, living away from home
Job: Maths Student, part-time retail assistant

Musical, creative, intimate gigs, open music taste, 'indie'.

Needs & Goals:
Cheaper merch for subscribers/discounts in general, connection to music artist, into competitions for fans.

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