Tuesday, 29 December 2015

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Eurojust - Feedback (Studio Brief One)

I have an idea of which logo design I would like to use for this brief, however I would like to get some feedback of which design I should take further and develop. As I am currently in Warrington for Christmas, I am going to ask for some feedback from some people who I did an art foundation year at college with - as they have an understanding of graphic design also.

Dan (illustrator) agreed that the best design as it is simple and he said he doesn't think a logo should be over complicated. 
Stephen (photographer) said that the Euro design is nice, but it doesn't really portray what the company is about. He said he prefers the final design, and I should try to incorporate a concept into that. 
Ollie (graphic designer) said he preferred the last design as it's minimal and legible.
Molly (illustrator) agreed with Ollie and said the last design is the most successful and she thinks it'll be the design that works the most successfully in colour.

After receiving this feedback, I am now going to try the design in colour, and maybe experiment further with it.

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