Sunday, 6 December 2015

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Leeds Christmas Print Fair - Evaluation (Studio Brief One)

I really enjoyed finding and executing this brief. It was really beneficial to go ahead with this particular brief as it was locally organised, which has potential to help me in the future. I particularly enjoyed the experimentation side of this brief; the screen printing. Although I have screen printed before, this was a different way of working and very rewarding. The actual print fair was very enjoyable as I was in contact with other designers and illustrators, one of which had a similar style to my own - Antony Cameron. It felt really good to be a part of the print fair, as I have expanded the people that I know within Leeds that work within the art industry.

A strength of this task was time management and planning. I only had a very short amount of time to come up with a concept and execute it. It was a lot of intense hard work to get everything finished and well presented for the print fair, but I think I did a really good job. My concept was relevant for myself at this current time; the designer I aspire to be.

A weakness of this project was probably the fact that I didn't have any display shelves, neither did I buy any for the print fair. I couldn't afford to spend money on this, and I think it was a slight let down as at first people were scared to look through my prints incase they disorganised or messed them up - however after a while people did start rummaging with my encouragement.

Overall, I'm really proud of this project, I feel as though it has been a success as I have got my name out locally and I have got a lot of business cards out into the world too. I also did also manage to sell around 3 prints. This may seem quite disheartening, however it only cost me around ten pounds to create the prints / buy the ink / buy the stock, and therefore it was successful as I sold my prints for five pounds each.

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