Saturday, 5 December 2015

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Leeds Christmas Print Fair - The Day (Studio Brief One)

This is the poster that we were sent and told to put on Instagram. It is pretty interesting as it lists all of our names and is therefore exposure in itself.

These are my prints on sale at the print fair. I tried to lay them out so that people passing by knew that they were all different designs, which I think was successful as through-out the night many people looked through them.

Exhibit Leeds posted a photo of our table on their Instagram account also, which I thought was really nice as they tagged us all and therefore we got some exposure locally.

And heres a photo of myself and Florence selling our prints. 

We didn't manage to sell many prints as most people went for brownies (rookie mistake), however multiple people did pick up my business card which I think is really great as it's some exposure to my own design practice, which is useful as I want to stay in Leeds when I graduate. 

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