Monday, 28 December 2015

OUGD504 Idea Generation (Studio Brief Four)

In this mind map, I explored multiple ways in which this website could be given a relevant concept. I began by analysing the Art Angels album artwork - this involved noting that the artwork uses hand-drawn typography, it's in an anime kind of style, it uses mainly primary colours, and it is space-themed. I then analysed what I know about Grimes, and came up with a couple of concepts. The first concept was that the website could be based on the latest single 'Flesh Without Blood', as the music video is very extravagant and set in current day, however with olden-styled outfits. Another concept was to focus on the lyrics of another latest single, which is called 'Scream' - however this would be quite a difficult thing to do as all of the lyrics are in a different language. The final concept I came up with was to focus on the whole drawing aspect of the artwork, as Grimes creates all her own album artwork. I thought of different ways that I could explore this, such as filming the creation of the album artwork, making it interactive somehow or possibly building up the artwork in a quicker way, such as using scribbles.

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