Tuesday, 15 December 2015

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Eurojust - The Brief (Studio Brief One)

This competition brief was found by Hattie and posted onto the Graphic Design Facebook wall. I find it quite an interesting brief as it is for a huge company across Europe and it would be good exposure if my logo design were to be chosen.

The brief is around 8 pages long which is a bit unnecessary, so for this reason I am going to write a more concise brief that I myself can follow. The link to the full brief is HERE.

The brief.

Eurojust is the European Union's body for judicial cooperation against serious and organised crimes. The aim of the competition is to update the Eurojust logo, to make the body more distinguishable and recognisable to its stakeholders and the general public. The contest offers students from art, graphic design, design, and architectural establishments an opportunity to participate in a creative project that should help them continue their studies or professional careers in the fields of visual arts, design and fine arts.

The logo design should re-iterate the ethos of the company. It should feature the European flag stars, using the correct dimensions and CMYK colours. The designer will have to research whether Eurojust may use the typeface used.

what we are: the European Union’s judicial cooperation body
the problem: cross-border crime
what we do/the solution: coordination, cooperation, fighting serious organized, cross-border crime, justice, centre of expertise.
our values: the rule of law, justice; safety, security, serving Europe and the EU Member States, connecting judicial actors;
the result: less crime, safer society
List of key elements to be conveyed in a new logo: cross-border crime, coordination and cooperation between EU Member States with different legal cultures and legislation, serious organised crime and justice/judicial cooperation. (These elements are provided only as a guide to the key elements; not all are necessary elements in the development of a new logo.) In addition, the European Union flag symbol should be used according to the guidelines. See Eurojust’s website at www.eurojust.europa.eu for more inspiration.

The design proposal must utilise the word ’Eurojust’ clearly in the logo, and must also include a pictorial symbol. Participants have to use one or more of the elements mentioned above to provide a proposal that encapsulates Eurojust’s mission and role optimally.

Competition deadline: 27th January 2016

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