Tuesday, 29 December 2015

OUGD504 Research (Studio Brief Four)

Before I start designing my wireframes, I'm going to look into some websites that already exist for some music artists and get some inspiration. I wasn't too sure where to start with this, so I decided to look on Spotify at the artists that are similar / related to Grimes. The artists that came up were: Purity Ring, Austra, Zola Jesus, Active Child, Glasser, Washed Out and How To Dress Well.

Purity Ring: 

Purity Ring is a Canadian electronic music duo formed in 2010 and originally from Edmonton, Alberta. The website is successful in a sense, as it uses imagery as the menu options, so therefore it isn't limited to fans in just English-speaking countries, however you physically have to click each link to know which page you are going to be on. It would be more effective if when you hover over the link, it would change to a certain word. The website has the options to change the language on each page, so it would be more effective if the menu bar was just words as it would be a lot easier to navigate.

Zola Jesus:

Zola Jesus is an American singer-songwriter and record producer. Her website is successful as it's striking and abstract to observe and the typeface works really well against the photograph. It's an easy website to navigate and gives multiple different easy-access links to social media and ways to listen to more music. 

Active Child:

Active Child is the working name of electronic music artist Pat Grossi. The website is easy to navigate, however I'm personally not too keen on the kerning of artists name, however I assume it is related to their album cover for their latest release. The background of the page is their latest music video and the page also plays music, which I think is both a good and bad thing - it's good as the user can listen to the music very easily, however most people who are going to be visited the website will already be listening to music as it is uncommon to sit in silence when surfing on the internet.


Glasser is an American singer-songwriter and record producer signed to True Panther Sounds. Their website is, in my opinion, unsuccessful as it's very trippy and quite difficult to look at for a long period of time as the gif in the background is quite distracting. The colours also don't work too successfully with the items that have been blogged onto the website. 

How To Dress Well:

How to Dress Well is the stage name of American singer-songwriter Tom Krell. Their website is easy to navigate and the background imagery is used effectively. The website is successful as it's easy to sign up to their mailing list and the scrolling is simplistic and the website is legible. 

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